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Attorney at Law
Member Board of Directors
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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson Law Office
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Stephen Berken

Berken Cloyes
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Ron Burdge

Burdge Law Office Co LPA
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Carol Colliersmith

Colliersmith & Associates, P.C.
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John C. Colwell

Debt Relief Legal Clinic
Attorney at Law
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David Cox

Cox Law Group
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Dave Danielson

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Marc Dann

Dann Law
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Rajeev Darolia

Associate Professor
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Russell A. DeMott

DeMott Law Firm, PA
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Prof. Patricia Devine

Kenneth and Mamie Clark Professor of Psychology | Department of Psychology
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Alex Dolhancyk

Dolhanck Law
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Jenny Doling

Attorney - Certified Bankruptcy Specialist
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Carey Ebert

Office of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
Chapter 13 Trustee
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Stephen Fairley

The Rainmaker Institute
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Brian Flick

Partner; Managing Attorney, Bankruptcy Practice and Consumer...
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Rachel Foley

Foley Law - KC Bankruptcy
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Jim Haller

Haller Law
Director of Education - NACBA
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Koury Hicks

Law Offices of John T. Orcutt PC
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Richard James

Richard James
avatar for Nathan Juster

Nathan Juster

Atlanta Legal Aid Society
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Sam Kamin

Sturm College of Law | University of Denver
Vicente Sederberg Professor of Marijuana Law and Policy
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Paul Kiel

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Prof. Angie Littwin

University of Texas
Ronald D. Krist Professor of Law
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Richard Marshack

Marshack Hays LLP
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Peter Mastan

Chapter 7 Trustee
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Hon. Trish Mayer

Patricia M. Mayer, PC
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Jill Michaux

Neis & Michaux P.A.
Managing Partner
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Debra L. Miller

Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
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Jim Molleur

James F. Molleur LLC
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Lyssette Morales

L A Morales & Associates P.S.C.
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Richard Nemeth

Nemeth & Associates, LLC
Managing member
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Shawn Orcutt

Law Offices of John T. Orcutt, P.C.
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Dan Press

Chung & Press P.C.
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John Rao

National Consumer Law Center, Inc.
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Mark Redmiles

United States Attorney's Office
Assistant Director, U.S. Attorneys; Guest Lecturer, International Law...

Hon. Joseph Rosania

United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Colorado
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Tara Salinas

Salinas Law Group, LLC
Managing Attorney
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Jan Sensenich

Chapter 13 Trustee
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David Shaev

Shaev & Fleischman LLP
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Summer Shaw

Shaw & Hanover, PC
Founding Attorney
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Wendell Sherk

Wendell Sherk, Attorney at Law
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Ike Shulman

Shulman Law Offices
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Michael D. Sousa

Sturm College of Law | University of Denver
Associate Professor
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Tara Twomey

NACBA Amicus Project Director

Behrooz Vida

The Vida Law Firm PLLC
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Alyssa Whatley

Law Offices of Alyssa Maloof Whatley LLC
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Brett Whitten

Ngage Live Chat
Account Manager
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David Yen

Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago
pro bono counsel
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Hon. Scott Yun

United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California
United States Bankruptcy Judge
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Stanley Zlotoff

Stanley Zlotoff Attorney-at-Law